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Welcome to Year 7 homework support!


The aim of this webpage is to let you know the homework that has been set and provide resources to help you complete it. Homework is arranged by topic and date set.


Forces diagrams - 7x2 - set Fri 14th June 2013, Due Mon 24th June 2013


Open up the word document below. On it is a variety of different diagrams. Your task is to draw a small cartoon on a plain piece paper showing each diagram and label the forces on it. Come and see Mr Savage in Lab 6 if you are unsure of what to do.

Help with labeling forces diagrams - KS3 bitesize

Where will the object move? 7x2 - Set Mon 24th June - Due Fri 28th June

Task: open up the worksheet below by clicking on the 'download' link. There are 6 objects labelled A, B, C, D, E and F.

For each object say in what direction it will move - either North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, North West - or say that the object will not move at all.

Please write this in your books. You do not need to print the worksheet.




Road safety - stopping distance - 7y2 - set Fri 21st June - Due Fri 28th June

The task: You need to produce a road safety campaign to convince drivers to drive at 30mph through cities like Letchworth.

You first need to research what stopping distance is and find out what happens to the stopping distance of a car as it travels faster.Then you need to produce a written 30 second advert (2 paragraphs) describing what the message of the advert is and what is in the advert.

Extension - act out the advert at home (with props of course!!) and get ready to act it out in class (worth 5 house points).

Resources to help you:
BBC video explaining stopping distance
Typical stopping distances - Government resource
video explaining speed-time graphs - BBC

In what direction will the object move? 7y2 - set Fri 28th June - due Thurs 4th July

As part of the speed topic we have been considering how forces cause an object to move and gain speed.

The task:

You need to open this Word document by clicking 'download'. There are 5 different images of objects. For each object you need to write down IF it will move and if so in what direction will it move. Extension: calculate the resultant force (how many more Newtons is the larger force than the smaller force?) as well as the direction.

Please bring your homework to Mrs La Roes' lesson and glue it into your books.

Helpful information

Please remember that an object will SPEED UP (accelerate) or SLOW DOWN (decelerate) when the forces are UNBALANCED. An example may be when the thrust force is larger than the friction and drag forces. In this case a skater would SPEED UP (accelerate).

skater speeding up.jpg
Ricky is speeding up because the thrust force going forwards is larger than the friction force in the backwards direction.

When forces are BALANCED the object will not move OR will stay at CONSTANT SPEED if it was already moving. This because an object will only speed up or slow down when forces are unbalanced.

skater constant speed.jpg
Ricky will stay at constant speed when the thrust force forwards is equal to the friction force backwards. Both of these forces are balanced (equal).

To Boldly Go - 7x4 - Set 28th June - Due Weds July


Choose 1 method of space travel and research it. You need to write to Douglas Adams (Hitchikers guide to the galaxy) to explain to him how it works and suggest how he could use it in a story


Space shuttle

Saturn rocket

Escalator made of carbon nanotube